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Tube fishing has significant advantages for the angler. Tube fishing is not just for Salmon Fishermen  but for every fisherman of predatory fish, from Rainbow and Brown Trout, Steelhead to Widemouth Bass and Mahseer. There are many benefits to tube fishing, for example the fish get no leverage to throw the hook. Tube fishing can be used in virtualy every fishing discipline, fly  fishing, sea fishing and coarse fishing.



 For Fly Fishing


The ultimate tube fly system
Tubeology outperforms and is better
value than any tube fishing system

 For Adventure Anglers

Tubeology the ultimate destination fishing kit,
interchangeable components for lures
for whatever conditions you face

Saltwater/Predator Anglers

For saltwater anglers over 2 million
spinners, flying C's, tube flies and spin flies
in a bag weighing under 1Kg!


Tubeology Kits

  Complete Systems from Nano to
Tubeology Combo

Tubeology Pre-Tied Flies

Pre tied tube fly collections, genuine Jungle
cock and Tubeology components used

Tubeology Components 



Totally interchangeable, swap coneheads,
spinners and other components are required
according to the water conditions


Tubeology Dealers


Find a dealer or apply to
become a Tubeology Dealer


 Tube Fly Tying Patterns



Tying patterns for tube flies from ultra
modern hairwings like monkeys and snakes to
traditional flies world-wide

Tubeology Advantages


Find out how to catch
more with Tubeology than
other tube fly systems

Tubeology Specimen Fishing



Tackling different species
with Tube Flies



Tubeology 1M Lure variations TubeFly, Spin Fly, Spinners and Tube Flies from 24 Fishing Tubes

The Inventors of Tubeology created a fishing system like no other on the market to give you the edge when fishing, you get the ability to change lures very quickly with a versatility unheard of in fishing previously. With a Tubeology 24 tube system you get the equivalent combinations of 1,084.320 Tube Flies, Spin Flies, Spinners and Flying C's. That is the same as 16,048Kg of fixed flies and lures from other manufacturers. Alternatively you could always buy each of the 1,084.320 variations of traditional tube flies, mepps spinners, flying c's at £3/$3 each, that is a cool 3 million investment. Of course you could simply check out the very special Tubeology System with its unique Patent Pending features and how it can benefit you.


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