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The Alaskabou Popsicle Tube Fly - Fly Tying With Tubology

Materials Required:

  • 50mm Tubeology tube
  • One Salmon Pink marabou feather approx 150mm wide
  • One Fluorescent Pink marabou feather approx 150mm wide
  • Salmon pink marabou feathers approx 150mm wide
  • Purple marabou feather approx 150mm wide
  • Red and gold flashabou
  • Luminous Crinkle Flash
  • Semperfli White Nano silk (GSP virtually unbreakable) for tying
  • Bug-bond UV cure resin for head

Tools Required:

  • Vice
  • Tubeology Vice Adapter
  • Bobbin holder
  • Hackle pliers
  • UV torch
  • Scissors


Remove the marabou at the thick end of the feather for 10 to 15mm so that the feather is easy to tie off and cut once whipped onto the tube.

    Step 1 - Add the Tubeology Tube to the Vice Adapter (50mm tube used) Step 2 - Add the tying thread to the tube approx 10mm from the end of the tube, in this case we are using white Semperfli Nano silk which is a virtually unbreakable GSP

    Step 3 - Tie in approximately 20 strands 100mm (4") of Luminous Krystal Flash or equivalent (Luminous give this fly an extra edge when charged by sunlight or a uv torch) Step 4 - Tie in Salmon Pink Marabou using the thinnest end of the marabou

    Step 5 - Start winding the marabou towards the head of the tube aiming to use approximately 1/3 of the tube. Note - While winding the marabou pull the feathers back gently so that they are all pointing to the tail of the tube.

    Step 6 - Wind the marabou to the end where you have previously removed 10 to 15mm of feathers Step 7 - Whip the stalk of the marabou tightly to the tube and cut the remaining stalk

    Step 8 - Whip in the tip of the fluorescent pink marabou again by the tip Step 9 - Wind the silk to 10mm from the front of the tube (leaving 1/4 of the tube spare)

    Step 10 - Wind the marabou completely onto the tube, again whip the stalk to prevent movement and cut the excess feather stalk Step 11 - Tie in approx 15 strands of the red and gold flashabou to both sides of the fly.

    Step 12 - Tie in the purple marabou feathers by the tip, wind to the front of the Tubeology tube carefully pulling the marabou backwards all of the time so that it points to the rear of the tube.

    Step 13 - Whip the feather stalk onto the tube to stop movement.

    Step 14 - Cut the remaining feather stalk

    Step 15 - Whip finish and cut the silk

    Step 16 - Add a drop of Bug Bond lite to the head to finish Step 17 - Cure the Bug Bond in 15 seconds with a UV torch

    The Finished Tubeology Popsicle Tube Fly

    The finished Alaskabou Popsicle can now take full advantage of the different Tubeology coneheads adapting the single fly to the water conditions as appropriate for colour and weight.

    The Alaskabou Popsicle without a conehead
    Low water fishing using a smaller aluminium head

    The Alaskabou Popsicle with a fluorescent yellow head ideal for low water, slightly coloured conditions
    The Alaskabou Popsicle with a medium fluorescent pink conehead , this is ideal for use on faster coloured water.